About Us

Bella Starr, which means “Beautiful Star” was founded in 2001

The story behind the name " Bella Starr” 

I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I got an early start at the age of 8 sneaking into my Mother’s studio to sew Barbie clothes; my mother at the time was a fashion designer and taught me how to sew. At the age of 15, I started my first business designing and selling Madame Alexander doll clothes. During this time I sold heavily through trade shows and retail stores. Later, I took courses in Fashion Design at Orange Coast College focusing on Millinery and Costume Design. I also completed a degree in Fashion Design.  

Bella Starr founded in 2001 represents a life-long dream come true. I came up with the name based on looking for meaning in my life. I was named after the Beatles song Michelle, whenever it was played, my Dad would always sing that line, “Michelle my Belle” and I would blush. Prior to founding the company I had an unfortunate health event occur in my life that resulted in a diagnosis of cancer. During this time I found myself gazing at the stars on a road trip in the desert, wishing my cancer away and dreaming I would someday have my own fashion line. I still to this day reach for the stars and never give up on anything in life.

This hope and these dreams helped me focus my energy on creating a company I could dedicate myself to and the combination of these two things resulted in my company’s name.